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A trip to our Italian wine suppliers

In October we had the opportunity to travel to the Veneto region of Italy to visit some of the wine suppliers producing the wine Kilo stocks in the UK. Flying into Verona we briefly stopped off to enjoy some of the local delicacies and were pleasantly surprised to fall upon a wine festival taking place next to the arena in Piazza Bra. Of course we felt obliged to join in.

Next stop was Soave the home of the Soave consortium governing the production of one of Italy’s famous white wines. The town’s antique charm surrounded by acres of vin yards with its picturesque castle was a delight to walk around. You could feel the passion and proudness of the local people whose lives revolve around grapes.

Next stop was to visit a good friend and winemaker for Marcato Direct (importer of Kilos wines); Mirko Sella, at his winery in the beautiful and widely renowned Valpolicella region.

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2016 Harvest

Having just completed his harvest for 2016 and the valuable haul drying ready for Amarone production, Mirko was eager to let us sample his current vintages. As expected, the range consisting of; Valpolicella, Ripasso and Amarone tasted simply wonderful with a completely perfect balance between fruit, tannins and the high alcohol level of these famous wines. The wines are exquisitely well-made and surprisingly elegant for such renowned full-bodied wines. A unique freshness from the acidity gives the rounded palate a welcomed liveliness. We were delighted to hear that Mirko has even bigger plans for his wines; after much investment into his winery in the past few years, he is planning to adopt new methods to further enhance his wines within the next three years. To say the least, we are intrigued as to the possibilities of future vintages and would highly recommend becoming acquainted with the wines of San Cassiano all of course stocked by Kilo your ;local wine merchant.

Our trip was over all too soon having enjoyed ourselves immensely sampling not only the produce but the Italian way of life. The perfect balance of work and social engagement show they are passionate not only about producing but enjoying their wines to. We look forward to returning in the not so distant future but until then, will take back reconfirmation that Kilo wines stocks fantastic wines produced with skill and passion from some of the most beautiful areas in Italy.

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